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I had family come to visit recently, and the 1st question my brother -in-law asked me “are there any good sports teams left in Philly”? I had to laugh at that because right now I’m not sure there are. Its been a week since they were here and a lot has happened. Here is just my opinion of the teams and what has transpired in the last week.
The Philadelphia Flyers have hit rock bottom. They went out to the west coast and yes they won 2 out of 3 from California teams. They first beat the Anaheim Ducks 7-4, then came from behind to beat the Los Angeles Kings 4-3. Considering the year they are having so far you have to take anything positive you can get. Then they lost to the San Jose Sharks 6-1, it was a fall back to earth, after the first 2 wins you would have thought they might have turned things around, not.The problem is with this team is they think they can still play hockey the way they did over 30 years ago. That style is now a dinosaur, and its going to take a few years to correct the problems from trying to relive the past. Just to prove it the GM Paul Holmgren”s first move was to trade a draft choice for Todd Fedoruk. its another case of wwe don’t know what we are doing. he played here before and was traded. Then again I can see giving away a draft choice for a guy who is recovering from a broken cheek bone. Go figure.

The only thing that happened this week with this team was Chris Webber started crying about his playing time. this coming from a guy who is making 20 nillion this year. He really hasn’t done a thing so far this year, thats either because he can’t anymore, or he just doesn’t want to. Any way this team started off 3-0 and is now 4-5. They are also owned by the same people that own one of the worst teams in hockey,the Flyers. just a coincidence?

The Philadelphia Phillies. They were in the running to sign free agent Alfonso Soriano,but the money and years got in the way. the latest reports are he is going to sign with the Cubs for 8 years and 136 million, all he has to do is pass a physical. I can understand not wanting to pay that much, but you have to figure what now? Is Wes Helms the only free agent you are going to sign, 2 years 5 million. The jury is still out on this team during the offseason until we see what happens. I just don’t think there will be too many changes from last year from a team that again missed the playoffs. Do they really care?
This is supposed to be the self proffesed GOLD STANDARD in the NFL. After losing to another bad team in the Tennessee Titans, that standard is looking awfully tarnished. this team has some real problems. Losing Donovan McNabb to a torn ACL is just one of them. Their coaching is now in question, along with do the players really care whether they win or lose, or just there to get a paycheck. The Eagles have a history of signing young “talent” to ling contracts, recently Mike Patterson, Trent Cole, and Reggie Brown were signed to extensions. Maybe that was a mistake, maybe they feel they don’t have to show up and play anymore. It sure as hell looked it against the Titans. The scary thing is they are now 5-5 but they are still not out of it . Dallas beat the Colts on Sunday, and the Eagles play them next Sunday night without McNabb. The way they played against the Titans it could be embarrassing. I bet the NFL is now kicking themselves for moving the game to 8:15.
I’m a Philly Sports Fan, can’t you tell, but I’m just tired of the bullshit you get from the owners who tell you they want to win a championship, but then put teams on the court,ice,diamond or field that just don’t care whether they do or don’t.

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