Flyers Trade for Zhitnik

The Philadelphia Flyers made a trade on Saturday aquiring D Alexei Zhitnik for D Freddy Meyer. This deal makes sense from the Islanders point of view, making room under the salary cap, but from a Flyers fans point of view it doesn’t make too much sense. The Flyers could use the help with all the injuries they have, but giving up a young defenseman, Meyer is 25, for an old defenseman Zhitnik is 34, no thats not really old but in the new NHL it is. It seems every time the Flyers start talking about going with youth, they trade one of their younger players for an older one. Maybe they think they still have time to turn their season around and make the playoffs and thats why they made the trade. I don’t know for sure what GM Paul Holmgren is thinking, not sure if I want to either, but he does sound an awful lot like formwer GM Bob Clarke. Hopefully it will work out, if not its just another dumb move like the ones that put the Flyers in the position they are in now.

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