NHL Ratings Drop 76%

The ratings came out for the NHL’s All Star game and it wasn’t pretty for the NHL and Commisioner Gary Bettman. The ratings dropped 76% compared to the last All Star game, you don’t have to be a super genius to know that that isn’t a good sign for the NHL,either is having Gary Bettman Commisioner, look what he did to the NBA before David Stern took over and brought it back. I tried watching the All Star game, that lasted about five minutes before I had to turn it off, the game was a joke. Not that there were that many people really interested in watching the game in the first place, but how many that were couldn’t find it on T.V.? The game ias in the middle of the season so there isn’t going to be any checking so no one is getting hurt, so its not like a regular hockey game. Maybe they should just skip playing it, just name the players who made the team, give them their incentives for making it, and just go on with the season, the ratings say so.

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