The Small Sports Blog’s NHL Picks – 12/29/19

Here are The Small Sports Blog’s NHL picks for today. The lines are according to the Westgate Superbook at the time of this post.

Blackhawks @ Blue JacketsBlackhawks+135
Devils @ SenatorsSenators-125
Islanders @ WildWild-110
Stars @ CoyotesCoyotes-115
Flyers @ DucksFlyers-105

Last Night: 3-2

Season: 156-161

Saturday Dec. 28th Results

Stars 3 – Avalanche 2Stars-115
Hurricanes 6 – Capitals 4Hurricanes-120
Knights 4 – Coyotes 1Knights-140
Sharks 6 – Flyers 1 Flyers-120
Penguins 6 – Predators 4Predators+110

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