The Small Sports Blog’s NPB Picks – 8/1/2020

Here are The Small Sports Blog’s picks for Saturday mornings NPB games. The money lines are according to Sportsbook at the time of this post.

Swallows vs DragonsSwallows-145
Lions vs Hawks Hawks-150
Buffalos vs Ham FightersHam Fighters -110
Carp vs GiantsCarp+170
Golden Eagles vs MarinesMarines-120
Baystars vs TigersBaystarsEven

Pick: 3-3


Dragons 3 – Swallows 1

Hawks 4 – Lions 1

Ham Fighters 3 – Buffalos 1

Giants 11 – Carp 3

Golden Eagles 8 – Marines 0

Baystars 7 – Tigers 3

Categories: Picks

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