F1 Circuits In British Cities


03 August 2020

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, the F1 governing bodies have been forced to dramatically cut the number of circuits used in this year’s F1 calendar. Thankfully races are still going ahead but due to health and safety measures, multiple races will be taking place at the same circuits, one of which is Silverstone. 

This is happening to limit the amount of travel needed for this year’s championship, as more travelling means more locations, which ultimately means a greater risk of endangering all involved. 

But here at Leasing Options, we wondered what it would look like if the F1 calendar took place, just in Britain. Of course, they could all be competed at Silverstone, but even the most avid F1 and Silverstone fans would get a little bored of that scenario after a while. So, we thought, as there’s already been talk of a London GP, and even amazing concepts  imagined by Santander and McLaren in previous years, what if we expanded on that and took F1 races around Britain and created awesome F1 circuits using the inner-city roads in Manchester, Newcastle, Edinburgh and Cardiff to create the ultimate British F1 calendar?

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