F1 Circuits In British Cities

03 August 2020


Race two on the British F1 calendar drops us down to the North East of England where the event would be set at the emerging Quayside area linking Newcastle Upon Tyne and Gateshead. 

Over the last 10 years, Newcastle has become possibly the number one nightlife spot in Britain, so whilst it would be highly unlikely due to not only British, but North-East England weather, we’d love to see this race at night. When the sun goes down, the Quayside comes to life and would give circuits like Abu-Dhabi and Singapore a run for their money. 

The Start/Finish would be placed on St James’ Blvd, where the cars will set off and head directly to the famous St James’ Park stadium, home of Newcastle United. Once they reach the stadium, the cars will dart right and into the heart of Newcastle passing Grey’s Monument before heading towards a tricky Quayside-based Sector 2. 

Once there, the cars will whizz down Newcastle’s side of the Quayside and head to the Swing Bridge, which is one of many bridges connecting Newcastle to its neighbouring city of Gateshead. Once on the Gateshead side, the track takes you past the gorgeous looking SAGE building and Millennium Bridge, which are a real treat to see at night! 

When the cars pass Gateshead’s Baltic theatre they then turn into Gateshead and down towards the Redheugh Bridge where the cars will start to really pick up some speed as they shoot across and back to St James’ Blvd.

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