Doug Pederson – Should He Stay or Should He Go?

Considering the circumstances The Small Sports Blog’s original thought that head coaches, would get a pass this season. Then the Texans fired Bill O’Brien, then Dan Quinn was gone, and most recently Matt Patricia. So after watching Monday night’s game against the Seahawks, and watching Pederson’s post game press conference The Small Sports Blog started thinking of reason’s for Pederson as head coach, or being let go. The only reason The Small Sports Blog could come up with for Pederson staying is he brought the Eagles their first Lombardi Trophy. That was three years ago, and the direction the Eagles are headed that reason is no longer good enough.

So now it is time to consider the reasons for letting him go. The Small Sports Blog is probably not going to say anything here that probably hasn’t been already said. Taking the Seahawks game for just one example, as bad as the eagles offense played if it wasn’t for Pederson’s obsession with being aggressive that late TD pass from Wentz could very well have been the game winner. First their was the fourth down play that failed at midfield that led to a Seahawks field goal. Take those 3 points away and it’s possibly a 20-17 final. Then there were the 3 points Pederson left on the field when kicking a field goal would have been better considering they were down 11 at the time, and yes they did get the ball back that would’ve allowed them to tie the score. Instead of a Wentz interception, there would have been at least another field goal, there’s another 3 points lost, and guess what that’s 6 points more the Eagles could’ve or should’ve had, and the final TD could’ve given them a 23-20 win. Yeah a lot of if’s. If your an Eagles fan and took the Eagles and the point you have a little consolation.

Another reason for Pederson to go is, isn’t this the way the Andy Reid era came to an end. The play calling became predictable, the talent on the team went downhill. The post game press conferences were the same excuses over and over, how they would fix everything but never did. There was an obvious lack of discipline just like there is now. Watching Pederson’s post game press conference after the Seahawks game it looked like a head coach that could care less, and was just going through the motions. That’s enough to be let go. The decision is up to Jeffrey Laurie, but this one should be easier for Laurie, Reid was and is still a better coach than Pederson ever was or will be, and it looks like Pederson’s best days are behind him. One more thing, if Laurie still thinks Wentz is his QB, maybe it’s time to give Wentz a new coach before it is too late.

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