Phillies Sign Seranthony Dominguez

The Phillies announced they have signed Seranthony Dominguez to a 1 year $727, 500 contract. If you don’t know anything about Seranthony Dominguez you would think this move makes sense since it was done to avoid arbitration, but this is 2020. Dominguez had a solid rookie season finishing with a 2.95 ERA, 0.96 whip in 53 games. In 2019 Dominguez wasn’t the same pitcher and was shutdown after 27 appearances with elbow problems, yes it resulted in Tommy John surgery which wasn’t down until July of this year due to Covid-19. So Dominguez last pitched in 2019, and won’t pitch in 2021. Considering there is no guarantee yet that next season won’t look a lot like this season, and the financial hit the Phillies are taking without fans in the stadium does it make sense to sign someone who isn’t going to pitch next season, and then sign him to another contract, unless something in this one covers that. No $727, 500 is not a lot of money by today’s standards, but wouldn’t it make better sense to spend it on someone who could help the team this season, we all know that they need a lot of help. It makes you wonder if the Phillies acting G.M is getting advice from Howie Roseman since he likes waisting money on injured players.

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