Rae Carruth Hires To Shoot — The Darkside Of Sports

TRIGGER WARNING: THIS ARTICLE TALKS ABOUT THE MURDER OF A PREGNANT WOMAN AND THE ATTEMPTED MURDER ON AN UNBORN BABY! Carruth had a pretty good rookie season, starting in fourteen games. He caught forty- four passes, five hundred forty- five yards, and four touchdown passes. He would miss the 1998 season after breaking his foot in the season opener. Injuries would soon become a recurring theme for Rae. He played the first six games of the 1999 season before getting injured yet again. That’s all I have on his career, I tried to dig around and find more about his NFL adventure but fell flat. I suppose it’s becaused it was very short lived. So, I guess onto his personal life and what you guys always come here to read about.

Rae Carruth Hires To Shoot — The Darkside Of Sports

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