Eagles – Random Thoughts

Ok the Eagles off season officially started with their 37-17 loss to the Cowboys on Sunday that eliminated them from the playoffs. Now their first off season decision is who they want to see get into the playoffs, Washington, Cowboys or Giants. Since the NFL decided to flex the Washington – Eagles game to Sunday night the winner of the Cowboys-Giants game (hopefully the Cowboys) will be watching and hoping the Eagles win so they get into the playoffs. Personally would like to see the Eagles lose to keep the Giants and especially the Cowboys out. Considering the year Ron Rivera has had let him have the extra game.

After that all eyes will turn to Jeffry Lurie to see watch changes are coming to the Eagles if any. The first decision he has to make is on Howie Roseman. We’re just like most Eagles fans that think it’s time Roseman goes considering the mistakes he has made in the last couple of years. Has Lurie seen enough or will he decide that 2020 was so screwed up with injuries that he keeps Roseman. It would seem the longer it takes Lurie to make that decision the less likely Roseman will go, and not much will change. On the other hand if he lets Roseman go and brings in a new G.M. it could mean big changes to the coaching staff considering in any sport a new G.M. likes to bring his own people. Have to wait and see on this one.

Here is a crazy idea to solve the so called Eagles QB controversy that will definitely keep going during the off season not that it would work. Make an offer to the Jaguars for the first pick in the draft. Offer the Jaguars Wentz, Hurst, and a couple of draft picks and take Trevor Lawrence couldn’t hurt. Just some wishful thinking. We’ll post some more random, or crazy thoughts in the weeks to come based on what decision Jeffry Lurie makes.

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