A Fallen Patriot: The Tragic Story Of Aaron Hernandez (Part two) — The Darkside Of Sports

Ok, folks, here we go, here the f*** we go! Aaron had run-ins with the law for most of his life but our tale started fourteen years ago, in 2007. On April 14, 2007, 17-year-old Aaron Hernandez and his good buddy Tim Tebow decided to head to a Florida bar for a few drinks. Remember, Tebow had already sealed his fate as the University of Florida’s star quarterback, so I’m assuming he got special treatment anywhere he went and was treated like a celebrity. That most likely included anyone who was with him, so Hernandez getting his hands on drinks at a public establishment was probably rather either. Even when he was under 21 years of age. Tim Tebow doesn’t drink, he does not touch a drop of alcohol, that’s his personal choice and more power to him. This often makes me wonder why he decided to take Hernandez to a bar and not somewhere else. Oh well, I’m getting off-topic per usual.

A Fallen Patriot: The Tragic Story Of Aaron Hernandez (Part two) — The Darkside Of Sports

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