From Johnny Football To Johnny Flop — The Darkside Of Sports

I know you all remember Johnny Manziel or “Johnny Football” if you will. If you say you don’t remember him you are a filthy liar because, in 2014, he was all the sports programs talked about ahead of the NFL draft. You had to have heard his name at least once. Honestly, his 2014 and 2015 season was an absolute shit show and the whole world wanted to watch. I know my dad and I enjoyed the journey and talked about it practically every Sunday. I know you guys are probably like “Wow, Nikki you sure do mention your dad a lot.” Well, if you had a kick-ass dad who passed down a love of sports to you and supports your passion for them you would mention him a lot too. Okay, dad, I put it in the article am I in the will now? Just kidding! That came from my own black heart. Toot toot! All aboard the Johnny Manziel train wreck!

From Johnny Football To Johnny Flop — The Darkside Of Sports

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