Reginald & Ronald Kray: The Twins who Ruled East London — The Dark Side Of Life

You might have seen the movie “Legend” which is based on their lives and criminal history. The movie gave them too much credit in my opinion since they cast Tom Hardy to play both of them. Let’s face it they’re about 2,000 notches below Hardy in the looks department. You might also have heard the popular 2012 Kanye West & Jay-Z song “N****s in Paris” (please note that I do not use that term at all and am using it in quotations and for this article) and the even more popular line “that shit c(k)ray. While some believe the spelling of the word is ‘cray’ and is used simply as a shortened version of the word crazy, others believe it’s spelled ‘kray’ which is a nod to the reckless, and highly unstable twins. The same debate has also gone around about the slang term ‘oh, you c(k)ray c(k)ray?’ I personally believe in the latter when it comes to both. At the end of this article, you can decide for yourself what Kanye & Jay-Z truly meant when they dropped that epic phrase.

Reginald & Ronald Kray: The Twins who Ruled East London — The Dark Side Of Life

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