Ben Simmons – An Opinion

Ok so Ben Simmons says he won’t report to camp and is done with the 76ers. He decided to quit the 76ers. He did that in the playoff series against the Hawks when he was an absolute no show. When it was time for him to step up he did a disappearing act. Considering how the salary cap works it will be complicated to trade Simmons considering he has 4 years, and $147 million left on his contract with the 76ers, so it will probably take multiple teams to make a Simmons trade happen.

What The Small Sports Blog thinks should happen is Simmons sits for the next four years, yeah it sounds crazy but something has to be done about these overpaid babies. Yeah he can cry all he wants about not wanting to play for the 76ers anymore what the 76ers should say is since you don’t want to play for us you are not playing for anyone else until your contract runs out. Consider this, the 76ers are not going to get what they want in return for a trade. Why? Who wants to give up a lot for this guy, a quitter and a no show, and now a cry baby.

It doesn’t matter what sports it is it is time for owners to say enough is enough. Your are under contract with us and you are not crying your way out of it. If you want to say you will be paying him to do nothing, they were already doing that.

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