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  • This Team Will Self-Destruct…………

    What has happened to the New York Giants. Three weeks ago just about everyone was saying this was the best team in the NFC, other than the Bears. This week they are busy throwing each other “under the bus”. Didn’t… Read More ›

  • OOPS!

    Is this anyway for a 1st round draft pick to act? 1st this guy holds out during training camp which hurt his playing time this season. He was supposed to give the Eagles help in the middle on stopping the… Read More ›

  • Philadelphia Sports

    I had family come to visit recently, and the 1st question my brother -in-law asked me “are there any good sports teams left in Philly”? I had to laugh at that because right now I’m not sure there are. Its… Read More ›

  • Did He Cheat?

    Ok so Kenny Rogers had something on his hand, what it was , pine tar, dirt hey I don’t know. Everybody wants to say he cheated, but like Tony LaRussa said, they still couldn’t hit him even after he was… Read More ›

  • How embarrassing!

    From the viewpoint of a fan watching the Flyers-Sabres game was embarrassing. I can only imagine what it was like to be on the receiving end of a total butt kicking. There was nothing positive you could take from this… Read More ›

  • FIU-Miami

    What an absolute disgrace this was. A total of 13 players were ejected for the brawl that broke outin the 3rd quarter. The University of Miami announced that 8 players will be suspended for their part, interesting to see for… Read More ›

  • Here We Go Again!

    Here we go again with T.O. After a poor showing against the Eagles this past Sunday T.O. was shown on the sidelines yelling at whoever would listen. The same sort of thing he has been known to do in Philly,… Read More ›

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