Bonds Passes Ruth

So Barry Bonds finally passed Babe Ruth. It doesn’t matter to me, Hank Aaron broke that mark over 30 years ago. The question is will he try to pass Aaron? Personally, I think he should just retire now, leave Aaron’s… Read More ›

The Best Catch

This catch by the Phillies Arron Rowand to me is already the highlite of the year in baseball. This is the greatest catch that I have ever seen, no disrespect to anyone else. Arron Rowand is now a hero in… Read More ›

Bob Clarke

Its going to be a long off-season for the Flyers. Bob Clarke has a lot ow rok to do rebuilding a team not suited for the new NHL. First they have to do something with what I call a geriatric… Read More ›

Eagles Draft

I watched the NFL Draft the last couple of days, and in my opinion I think this is one of the best drafts Andy Reid has had since he’s been coach of the Eagles. Brodrick Bunkley , have to love… Read More ›

Phillies vs Pirates

The Phillies start a three game series with the Pirates tonight. This weekend could get the Phils back to .500 if everything goes right. That wouldn’t be too bad considering their star at the beginning of the month. To go… Read More ›


After the start they got off to, where they are isn’t that bad. 9-12 tied for second in the NL East with the Braves, only 4 games behind the Mets. It could get real interesting over the next week or… Read More ›

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